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Tej Prasad

In the current economic climate, do we expect obesity to disappear?


No, in fact it will increase... Obesity is not due to much food only, but to processed food with little nourishment... The body is always in a state of feeling starved and hungers for more and more. There are also additives in food that make you additive that no one is talking about due to the deep pockets of the food industry and it's control over the politicians and agencies that used to regulate the industry and work for it's citizen, but now work for a few multi-nationals who have almost taken total control of our food....


great answer Michael.. MORE people eating at fast food like members of the U.A.W.


Yes, if people only knew... Check this out:


No. It can be a chemical imbalance, over active thyroid or comfort food. We may have to eat cheaper and that is not healthier! Depression is going to grow and and exercising will stop!


Rent the movie Wall E. It nailed the topic!

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