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What do you think about Canada offering aid to the big 3 auto makers?​1212/BNStory/Business

Thank you for your response, Julie. The American automakers also have plants in Canada which provide jobs for Canadians.


It shows us HOW serious this problem is.
First thing that has to be done is to fix what caused it.
Was it high union wages or mismanagement or a combination of both.
Throwing money at the 3 Big companies will only be a short term fix at best.
BOTH countries should be very careful how this is handled.
This is OUR tax dollars and our children's tax dollars and our children's children's tax dollars I'm sure.
But knowing Government I'm sure that things will be done to benefit the car companies and the politicians.


Thank you for your answer, rettag. I think that the slowing economy and tight credit markets have a lot to do with the problem.


That Canada is always nice to America and they do try all they can to help us. We should be thankful to have them there.


Hi, Pat. My ancestors came from England, to America, then to Canada, and then back to America. Being raised in a state bordering Canada, I did not see any difference between Canadians and Americans. They are good neighbors.


It couldn't hurt. I think it would be good to have Canada help them out. Hopefully we could pull some more of the jobs from over seas and bring them back to this side.


Thank you, Battaglia. I am beginning to wonder if anything will help all three. We simply do not have the capacity to purchase all of the vehicles that can be produced. IMHO we need to reduce the supply.

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