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What happens to the price of oil if Israel launches a ground offensive into Gaza?


Bebe will end the process of "peace"...he is junk...always ways. always will be.


The price of oil may well jump up.
Good question.
The speculator in me wonders if a few Arab Oil Princes have funneled money and weapons into the Gaza Strip to cause the current unrest with the goal of raising the price of oil.


I certainly would not rule out that possibility. At the current prices they are barely making their cost of production. And then there is Iran.


Nothing, nothing...because it will not happen, Ginger...won't happen.


That is why I included the word 'if'.

Rumor has it that they are preparing. There is also politics involved. If they do not stop the rockets, Netanyahu could come back as prime minister.


drill baby drill


Good evening, Gott. I think the drillers are on vacation. Who wants to work that hard for $40 oil. You want to drill for the future; but the drillers want money NOW.


take pride in America drill baby drill

Home grown:

don't know if it is any of are business its time for this GOVERNMENT to worry about #1.


Thank you, home grown, but I was wondering about the price of oil.


The government will use anything to raise the price of oil.


Patpatstein, sometimes you seem to be paranoid about our elected government. This is a great country. Always has been and will continue to be for a long time.

No skinny:

Could very well cause the price of a lot of things to go up, and they could very well do ground offensive if that is what it takes to stop Hamas from shelling them. They have waited long enough for them to stop, they gave up the Gaza Strip hoping it would bring peace, but you cannot deal with abunch of snakes!! as we all know.


Thanks Native American. Oil went up earlier today over the Gaza situation, but it came back down again.

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