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Keith Viera

Which would you rather: economics or neuroscience?

Chicago Lady:

If you are asking, which would I rather study, economics or neuroscience, I would reply neuroscience. As to why, the Economy (in my opinion) is too dependent upon 'behind closed doors' political deals, and "politics: gives me a huge headache. As my work involves criminal justice sciences, I am very interested in new neuro-technologies being developed for potential investigative and forensic use for offenders, victims and witnesses. There are many such technologies being developed. One of them is known as "brain fingerprinting." where scientists can determine if a person is "remembering" or "seeing for the first time" photo details of a crime scene - which would mean they would have to have been present. This will be very controversial in the courts, but would have the ability to clear innocent suspects.

Chicago Lady:

Here is a bit more information -

And here is info on how Brain Fingerprinting overturned the 24 year old murder conviction of Terry Harrington. -

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