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Was Bernie Madoff planning to run?

Globally Interested:

He mailed jewelry worth millions to various locations. It sure sounds like he was planning to skip bail. Hopefully they will lock him up soon.


Thank you for your answer, dunrunnin.


I hear he was planning torun until they started looking at all the new faces and he did not want to get all tied up is the personal life being invaded.


Good morning, Pat. It sounds to me like he was planning to skip the country.

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

Why didn't he slip away and get plastic surgery? I think he is taking the heat to protect his sons.


Thank you. I had not considered that. Could be.


He is still living in his penthouse. He should hang his head in shame. Wait until he gets to the big house! How in the world could all that money and no conscience allow him peace at night? He will answer for it some day!!!


Thank you for you outrage, Lisa. I share it with you.


I think everyone was hoping he would do the "right thing" and off himself. $


Thank you for your response, Dollar Brand.

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