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Have you heard Chairman Obama's porkulus theme song?​​/&feature=player_embeddedActually, Merman was a Republican. However, the point is still valid.

Shall we just let the world's economy collapse? We've had nearly 4 decades of tax cuts and trickle down economics. What has trickled down to you? I have nothing more to show for the "voodoo" economics of the past, and am prepared to listen to the Nobel laureates on economics who say that it is time to adjust ALL of the variables in the macro and micro economic equation in order to bring about a more equitable division of assets.
You may label that anything you want...... and I know.... you want to call it socialism. Whenever someone wants to have more money distributed more evenly, some Conservative stands up and yells "socialism". Well, what do you call it when one percent of the population controls 90% of the money?
When others ask that 1 % to cough up money for education, it's a no. When they ask for money for jails, it's a no. So what you get is an under educated populace with no direction who cannot support themselves and thereby turn to crime. And since there are no jails? Well, the criminals run the streets.
If you, Mr GAYCONSERVATIVE, are one of the 1%, I can understand your reluctance to part with your cash. But if you aren't..... I cannot understand what your theory is.


When the banks, the auto industry and next the medical system are under the government's control, it's not that easy to put aside that term -- especially in looking further at the biggest government can of worms ever foisted on the public -- the so-called stimulus bill which is little more than pork and a party driven grab for power. The middle class, as usual, will end up playing the majority of the costs and the quality of life will slide in a hurry.


"......." offers more right wing blather, but no more solutions. Thanks for the input.


"Shall we just let the world's economy collapse?"

Throwing out trillions of dollars to liberal special interests when we, supposedly, don't have the money, will do what exactly?

"What has trickled down to you?"

Not much. Just a job and a good salary, which didn't come by sucking Uncle Sugar's tit.

You seem to be a smart liberal. Could you explain Chairman Obama's Trickle-Up Poverty to me?


""......." offers more right wing blather, but no more solutions. Thanks for the input."

Hey, Republicans have solutions, but Pelosi & Chairman Obama's "unity" and "post-partisanship" locked them out. Guess the shine's coming off Fraudbama.


GC, the GOP solution is tax cuts. Only now do they try to sell tax cuts to the bottom of the barrel earners. An extra $500 a year? Hoop- de -doo! Ten bucks a week! Now I can afford to send my kids to scholl with lunch money!
Cut it out, man. Tax cuts have been tried and tried and have failed, failed, failed.
All the while the GOP was cutting taxes, Amtrak has fallen into disrepair, record numbers of bridges in the Continental 48 are inspected and found unsafe, the Intracoastal Waterway has nearly ceased to exist, roads in every states are pockmarked or downright dilapidated, the power grid, nationwide, is in danger of collapse as the mercury climbs to 100 degrees in summer. The nation's infrastructure, state by state, needs an overhaul.
Critics say that infrastructure work will only create jobs in a year. These jobs are the kinds of jobs that need to be done, and will show results for a generation.


That's neat, TGC, where did you ever find it, You cain"t have mine, but thanks for sharing the song, lol We need to email to Chairman BHO.


Ethel Merman was the one of the greatest..and still one of the top swimmers .
Great clip.

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