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Do employers have a moral obligation to layoff foriegners before laying off Americans?

Slap Daddy:

In the US or worldwide? LOL Why does a person deserve a job more then the next person for simply being born on a certain part of a continent.
I agree with toadhead on this one.


Ditto! :)

Jims best angle:

They have a moral obligation to layoff the least qualified employees, first. A business to continue operations need the best people is can get. Keeping people based on anything other than their capability will ultimately hurt all the employee. Keep a bunch of unqualified American employees simply because they are Americans and you might just end up closing down completely and all the Americans employed by that business will be out of work.


my thoughts would be nice if the "locals" were the most qualified, but that is not always the case


Thank you for your answer.

Globally Interested:

The primary objective of any for profit business is earnings. Earnings are revenues minus expenses. So, when it comes to cutting back on employees, those that contribute the least to the earnings should go first. Country of origin should not be a consideration. Each business is responsible for maintaining its own health.

Twisted sal:

I hope not.


Nac, I would hire you to be my lad in waiting..............:-) I do think she meant those
without legal status. Not sure!


@ Elexa -- cute pic!!! I think Ginger is posting "the latest" thinking being thrown around -- saw something on MSNBC about it....and it would apply to ALL foreign workers, not just illegals. That would be a BIG mistake.
@ Mr. Nac -- me, too.


Thank you Miss Maggie, "Big mistake." Indeed!


My question was the result of a letter from Senator Grassley to Microsoft.

Twisted sal:

Thanks Ginger.
Elexa and Maggie. I'll be in touch if the pink slip arrives...


I have a feeling that there are two factors that employers take into consideration. 1) The quality of work. many times a foreigner does a much higher quality of work than Americans. And if such is the case, an employer will definitely lay off the american worker, especially if 2) the wages of the foreigner are lower than the American.
What one needs to take into consideration is that businesses exist to make money, and they are going to do what is more economically safe. For them, that is the highest moral obligation. That is capitalism at its best (or worst).

Gray wolf:

Not a moral obligation but they should have a patriotic obligation to layoff foreign workers first.

Cutey with a booty:

Do companies hve a patriotic obligation to pay as much income tax as possible too?

Gray wolf:

No. Only what is required.


@gray wolf, "Phooey!"


I don't think so.


Employeers have a legal, ethical and moral duty to layoff last hired first -


Sometimes the last hired are better employees than the first hired.


Are the foreigners legal? If so, then no. They should layoff the most unproductive workers first. Most companies go by seniority. If they are Illegal foreigners, they shouldn't have been hired in the first place.


I think employers have a moral obligation to hire Americans first and then this would not be an issue. A lot of employers get waivers to bring foreign works into the US for jobs instead of hiring Americans. This is a practice that needs to be stopped or very limited.

BUD 28:

Yes if they are illegal's. No if they are legally playing the immigration game.

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