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With the current increase in violence in Mexico, Hilary Clinton is planning a trip to Mexico, do you

feel this trip can be detrimental to her and US relations if something were to go wrong. I personally do not think she should go. There will be an increase of 183 million dollars to hire more individual against the battle on drugs; however, we have our own war on drugs going on in our own country, such as meth. Where will all this money come from?


No skinny:

She needs to stay at home and stop making promises she knows we cannot afford, what good is it going to do for her to go, what is she going to do.They will borrow the money and get us deeper in debt and more dependent on Foreign countries. Better tighten your safety belt for we are in for a long and hard trip the next four years. I agree there are problems here that should be addressed and taking care of, the home front should be the main interest right now.


Nothing will go wrong. The maniacs over there actually have a method to their madness. They would not go after Clinton. That would be a declaration of war. They would rather go on with business. Our war on drugs is ridiculous and not meant to be won. It can never be won anyway. I think the past three decades is evidence of that.


What if they just legalized everything and taxed it?


That just makes too much sense. That is my wish and seems to be catching on. I mean, that in itself could do wonders for the economy.


seized properties will help


LOL...Ya, I think she should go!;)..................No I'm just teasing on this one! I'm not one of her fans and haven't kept up much with this issue so I'm not certain as to what would be beneficial to our economy and the war against drugs in relationship to Hillary! ;)



With millions already being spent and no solution why should the spending continue?


None of us knows, including the Obama administration, where the money will come from. It is the trouble spots that are the meat and potatoes of foreign policy, trouble it what tests an administration and a Secretary of State as well as the President. Are they up to the challenge our neighbor to the south faces? Can we help them? If so how? Can we improve relations and work together to solve their problem but soon to be our problem which is beneficial to both countries? This is the task of a President and Secretary of State.


In stating that this is the task of the President and Secretary of the State are you referring to the U.S. President? Do you not think that each president of each country is responsible for their own country. As far as the meat and potatoes of foreign policy, we have issues going on in our own country with home made meth cooking labs, kids sniffing computer dust remover, abusing cold and cough medicine, not to mention prescribed medications. Shouldn't this war that is focused in Mexico be focused in our own country and what we can do to help today's youth? I fail to see why we have to help Mexico. It's a show, look how many people they have caught in this short visit with Secretary of the State Hillary Clinton. It's a sCharade.


She's going there to smooth things over with them taking half the blame for all of Mexico's problems, in the end they'll use sound bites to make us ALL to blame because she never should have taken credit for the border situation, we have even less security on the Canadian side and THEY aren't over run by drug cartels.

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