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You young-uns can do what you like but wouldn't it be wiser to save a little for soup kitchens and

bread lines in case we need them to 'bail' ourselves out? This assumes we can find soup and bread when the time comes.

ok pa


Problem with this idea is it will not work, The media seams to compare this with the 29 depression and nothing is farther from the truth, In 29 most of the people still lived on the land not in the cities and people were used to not having everything like today. What will most likely happen is if people start to starve they will just steal to get what they want or think they need. The best thing is to protect yourself and family by having a means to defend yourself and a good plan. Better have a sourdough starter and make your own bread. A book could be written on this subject But most of the young-uns could not live like my grandparents did where if they had $100 hard money a year they were fine because they grew and made all they needed.


People just need to learn the difference between a "Want" and a "Need". Poor people have been doing with out for a long long time, and most can get by with very little, and still be happy, and thankful for what they have. The people this is going to hit the hardest is those who have been living high off the hog, and wasting it, or buying on credit and hoping things change.


Yes don't forget when the consumer gets pinched, the business feel it hundreds of times harder, which leads to more layoffs, which leads to less production, which means less supply but equal demand, and eventually the whole thing collapses to simply what you have and what you don't have and aren't going to be able to get, like milk, eggs, etc.


I am one of those poor folks. :) I am blessed, I know how to raise crops, and Livestock. I know how to milk, and collect fresh eggs. I also know how to butcher and can. Me and mine will be just fine. :)


I wouldn't wait for soup and breadlines to sustain you. Better to look at what you can do with the resources at your disposal to continue living. If we hit another depression, or worse, I'd look for alot of people to start moving away from cities and back towards farming areas. However I'd not expect warm welcomes, if you can't contribute to your own survival you're no good to anyone else either - and if food and other critical resources become severly limited don't except to live long on the charity of others.

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