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BUD 28

Why is Obama trying to instill fear with his "pass this now or we are doomed" approach? FDR under

similar circumstances said, "We have nothing to fear but fear itself". Who is right?

Not that I do not believe you, but do you have a link or source that I can read for my self, that President Obama said this, or is this just your own opinion?
Thanks :)


Bud when ever someone tries to pressure me about anything I start looking for hidden agendas.


Mama V did u hear his speech last nite, from the retreat they were at, it was a partisan speech delivered to the Dems that were there, & the Reps. listening,


Let's see...IT"S AN ECONOMIC "CRISSIS"...!!!


or did you think those were actors in the unemployment lines...???


Define crissis. Or... use the spell check button.


Yup! You are a brilliant economist Ze. Youtube is where Obama gets his financial advice as well!


I may get banned, I may get no points or stars but on this one question I GOT the BEST ANSWR, so in your face...!!!


Yup ze!~ You got best answer from your multiple personality vote. And "CRISSIS" is actually spelled crisis or crises in the plural. Anyway when you are banned and start over-this best answer doesn't apply to your most "latest" personality. LOL!


Many presidents have used fear tactics to get their initiatives passed...once again...this is nothing new.




well, because he may be right...we are in dire straights right now, something has to give


He may be right
what if he isn't ??? not disagreeing just asking BB
something has to give, but what they ALL are proposing Reps. & Dems will not create any immediate relief,


Obama may or may not be right, but do you want to take the chance on doing NOTHING. This isn't a dem or repub thing, this is an american thing and people are losing everything they got because politicians can't banned together and do what right for the american people


Well Bush used fear tactic on american people to get us in war with Iraq.

For Obama he isn't using fear, he's using the truth, Or have you not seen the mess this country is in


2.7 million jobs lost in 2008. Current unemployment at 7.6%. That is the higherst since daddy Bush was in office.

Every sector of our economy lost jobs last month except for education and health care. If you have no fear then you just do not understand what is happening.


Franklin Delano Roosevelt was right then and he is right now, we have nothing more to fear than fear itself. President Obama spoke last night as if only the government can save us from this impending doom. We Americans have weathered many difficulties and we will weather this one. A depression is a serious matter and so is spending money you do not have or being willing to bear the consequences of doing so. What we have to fear and all we have to fear is allowing others to think that they and only they can save us. My savior and my self-reliance will save me and anyone else of the same mind and spirit, it will just not be easy. Easy is what got us to where we are know. Easy like borrowing ourself out of a debit crisis. If you really want something to fear, fear going anouther trillion dollars in debit.


ook up in the sky ...It's a Bird it's a plane... no way jose'...
It';s Norman greenbaum...!!!

Ze'_Pie in the Sky...!!!

Smokin' Joe:

The reason he's in such a big hurry is because the longer the debate goes on, the more his mask comes off. People are starting to see him for the communist that he is and once they get a good look at the monster underneath the costume, he will be finished.


Smokin Joe : When I read what you wrote I'm reminded of what Muhammad Ali did With Frazier...!!


That'll teach ya..!!


Because his usual method of dazzling us with BS isn't working.


Well he certainly is a mumbler...!!! But I think that if were gonna talk Bull Shyt about a President ya gotta look at Bushes Boot's first cowboy...!!! The deceit that came outta that mouth is often refered to as "liar"...!!! Yup...!!!

What Ze'_Said...!!!


Bush is History, Bush screwed up, is that what you want, this time by rushing something into a signing w/out all the details & figures worked out? I don't, I want them to take their time to spend 1Trillion US dollars, I cain't even add that high.


Ze, I didn't know we were comparing Presidents. Why is it that every time Obama does something stupid, his supporters point at Bush and say he was stupid too? Does that make it ok? Is your threshold for Obama that low? Does it not bother you that our money and our grandchildren's money is being squandered by the Democrats to pay back their contributors? What, you don't care because Bush allowed it too? What's with you guys, anyway?


Double DITTO nucleus, thanks


Neither is right. They are both so WRONG!!! Such a shame liberals are willing to dive head first into the next depression. Oh well, maybe some crackpot will start WWIII and THAT war effort will get us out of financial trouble.

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