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Why does Google enjoy such a phenomenal share price

Bear with me. I am new to business and economics

Google's current price is $377.41. If it were valued like its peers, it would be selling for around $500. (Using the Price/Earnings Ratio) It enjoys a phenomenal share price because the company has not seen fit to split shares. Why is anyone's guess. If they did a two-for-one split, for example, the stock price would be $188.70. If they did a five-for-one split, for example, the stock price would be $75.48. If they did that LAST one, their stock price would rise even further, since by lowering the share price more people would be interested. Right now, to buy 100 shares would cost $37,741. Five-to-one split cost for 100 would be $7,548.00 -- putting it in many more investor's budget range.

Actually, your question SHOULD be, "Why isn't Google's share price higher?"


huh? Sorry, mags, but with a P/E Ratio of about 50, google is hardly a buy...a hold, yes.


Sorry, Russ. Google has a P/E of 28.44. The industry average (for Internet Information Providers Group) is 29.3.​mbol=GOOG

Short, medium and long-term Indicators on Bar Chart indicate a Buy. MSN Scouttrader indicates Moderate Buy. Point & Figure Chart on indicates a future price of $492. Investors Business Daily rates it the second finest company in its segment. Rated a solid A with an A+ in fundamentals (best in group).

Please check your facts.


these numbers are highly fungible...and that PE is EBITA.


Apples to apples. They're all EBITA. And they're all fungible. (Just ask Bank of America. Or better, FNMA!) Ha!! Had to look that up! ;-)


That is indeed, one of the great mysteries of life. Ask a stockbroker and you will get a different answer from each one. It's a hyperinflated stock that feeds off itself.

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

Google is highly exploratory and on the cutting edge of technology. This is an exciting feature to an investor, anyone who does business on the web understands the value of Adwords & Adsense, both the brainchilds of Google. Go to Google, then click on the business solutions link that is underneath the title. We are all new, that is how we learn. Good for you!

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