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Will Geithner make a great Treasurer because:

1. He has a healthy disregard for the IRS which he now heads? 2. As a Federal Reserve banker he better understands the need to bail out bankers withtaxpayers money.3 The federal reserve needs someone to represent them in the executive branch.

If anyone knows how to dodge paying taxes, he's the guy with "insider" knowledge.


He could be except now he's working FOR the IRS. It's like a former IRS agent becoming a tax preparer, only in reverse. He'll most likely close all the loopholes. What better person to have than someone who knows how to cheat?


Unless he finds ways to open new backdoors so his colleagues can legally make a lot of money and pass it his way, those who write the rules can do such things without breaking the rules, in the end he won't be guilty of anything that was illegal at the time of the crime.

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