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Are bailed out institutions now part publicly owned

Is the public now entitled to dividends if this is the case?

We the citizens and taxpayers are now in the banking business, insurance business, investment business, mid east security business and more to come when Bush/Paulson decide where to blow our taxpayer dollars next !!!!!


comment to -sst-, we've been getting screwed one way or another by our own admin for a long, long time. It's so sad to sit and watch the news as anchorfolk talk about how bad other countries talk about us. I sometimes feel like that little kid on the playground must feel to always get picked last, or getting beat up for my lunch money. We have some absolutely brilliant people in this country and I wish I knew where they were hiding because we need them REAL BAD!


No...under accounting rules, a loan is a liability...there has been no exchange of equity interest, which is ownership.


Thanks Russ for the answer.
So it's in fact a loan, not a purchase. In that case, will the tax payer receive interest?


good luck there...won't happen.


I have not found information anywhere on your question and I know Fox news was asking this question this morning but to my knowledge no one has yet been able to answer. They don't know. I think we got screwed myself.


hmmm. ouch


They will be soon don't worry...


Thanks, but currently, now that Bush has given public tax funding to them, does this make them part public owned?


Real Mike, am I wrong in thinking that these bailed out institutions will be government entities


That'd be a good idea....... But.... you know the aversion we have with good ideas.
We should be entitled to something for it.... I mean tit for tat.... Do people say tit for tat anymore?
How about a few months to a year off a mortgage payment for everyone- Or a free upgrade from our montezuma tequila to something better? (only short term solutions- and poor ones at that-)
A free week in a car after their bailout?

what's up, ant?


Hey Sul, not bad, watching the interesting times, throwing my two bob in ;)

Take care


At least you've named a few things to start with and actually, their're really NOT all that bad :) Personally, I sure wouldn't turn down the help with the mortgage...............


Supposedly, the government and not the taxpayers (directly anyway) arer supposed to make money from these companies when they get back on their feet.

Don't expect anybody but the unions to make money if we subsidize the auto industry. The auto companies are giving all their money to the unions now and nothing will change no matter how many billions we throw at them. As long as they capitulate to the unions, the auto industry is finished. It may take a while, but they're done.

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