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Is government fixing our economic crisis or is it making things worse?

Congress approved the massive bailout, and Paulson keeps changing his mind about how to spend the money. Unilaterally, I might add. And as government policy keeps changing, it makes already volatile markets even more so. I remember a scene from the movie, "Hudson Hawk", in which the female love interest tries to shoot the bad guy that Bruce Willis is fighting, but keeps hitting Willis. Finally he shouts out: "Stop helping me!" Are we at that point with our government trying to "fix" the economy where every attempt just hurts it more, and we need them to stop "helping" us?​w_recovery.html

the responsibility of government is to tax and regulate...the more they get involved in day-to-day affairs, the worse it will get...


They destroyed it- Why put them in charge of fixing it?
They don't even want us to know how they are spending the money??? HUH?
What's stopping them from buying a big palace in Dubai (they can't be extradited from there) and give us the full moon?
If I had no soul or conscious, I might do the same to the American Sheeple- Too stupid to know.... to lethargic and apathetic to do anything about it..... we damn well deserve what we get if we let them handle it.

I feel like they are just themselves into a colossal dupe on the rubes that are the American citizens. (we're an easy mark- looking at the phony news on TV and buying it like dough eyed children waiting for Santa Claus)

If it were up to me.... they should all forfeit their earnings from this colossal folly to help the situation-(Paulson made millions destroying the economy) and be publically humiliated.... put them in the stocks, so we can whip rotten tomatoes at them for a few weeks. I'd freeze a tomato and hurl that- ouch!!!!

I mean.... would you hand a bull a tube of superglue after he devastated the china shop?
Only if you wanted to make the pieces smaller!


I think they are a bunch of idiots that don't have a clue what to do and they really need to srop digging us in a bigger hole


We have about had all the help we can stand. Remember, all the help we are getting is with OUR money.


So now it's a crisis? I thought the world markets were to rebound very soon - with all the infused money, from the G20 countries. Looks like the economy is actually in a long term recession - maybe our President Elect will be able to turn the tides. Not sure why we would want to give 25B to the Big Three, as nobody can afford new cars or afford to drive them far. Might just have to rely on hunting, fishing and gathering food where you live. Good luck.


Huntr, I don't think Presidents can fix economies and bring us out of recessions. They CAN put us in one, which is what has happened here, but since government action caused the problem how can government action fix it? They need to back off and let private companies do what they need to in order to survive. No more bailouts... to ANYONE.


Guess most agree with you (except Detroit) - we'll just roll with this recession and blame Obama as it gets really bad. Looks like this world economic crisis is just too big, to fix with stimulus packages. This is just another fine mess the Republicans got us into.


(sigh) As long as you insist on blaming the "other guy", how can you understand how things work? For heavens sake, Huntr, Republicans are NOT in charge of Congress, and haven't been for a while. Democratic Congressman Nancy Pelosi is, after all, Speaker of the House, and Democrat Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader.

The economy isn't made up of government spending, it's the private individuals and businesses that comprise our economy. Government spending can't make a healthy economy. We got where we are today in large part because government keeps trying to control the economy and smooth out the natural cycles that occur. All that guarantees is that highs will be very high (as we saw), and that the lows will be very low (which we are seeing). They need to actually get out of things, stop trying to control things that can't be controlled, and let us get about our job of living our lives.


i agree with sst.....these guys appear to be clueless and are throwing gasoline onto the fire with their ineffectiveness


Government interference in the capitalist market is the root of the problem with the economy in the first place.

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