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What can be done to keep/increase production in the US?

Many production facilities have moved to China, Mexico, etc. There is no way for an american to survive on the wages paid in these countries. The assembly of one product line where I work has been moved to China. The units are shipped here to be tested and inspected by our people, then shipped to the dealers. The benefits to corporations/stockholders of moving production to other countries is so great, how can the American worker compete?? Last week we had two unpaid days off due to lack of work and rumors of layoffs. What can be done?

3 days later...was laid off this morning!


Tax incentives. Tax DE-incentives, Import taxes. And unions that don't miss the big picture. (GM has cut the salaries of its office workers by 10%. Where's the union's share?)


Great answer!


Thanks Cheetah!


easy, only buy things made in America and we will keep making them here, we need to demand it or it will never be done


Since the units are made and distributed by an American owned company, they are allowed to say they are made here. In truth, they are only tested and inspected here.


Great answer Stal.


We need to stop trade with China, Mexico and Central America. We need to stop hiring illegal aliens. We (government) needs to stop doing business with companies who move jobs to these areas. We need a manufacturing based economy instead of a service economy. We need American Jobs for American Workers.


I agree! Our government encourages companies to move production to these countries through trade agreements. When WalMart started, one of their big advertisements was that they would sell mainly products made in the US. But, since so few products are produced here now, they wouldn't have much to sell. What kind of incentives do company's have to keep production here?


were lazy, we dont want the jobs anymore


Lazy or not you can't survive on $5 a day in America.


@gbob, Thank you for clarifying that!


production of hard goods is a dying thing in the US.


We know this. What do you think we can do NOW about treaty's that have made outsourcing so attractive to American company's and their investors?


Check and see where stuff is made and boycott certain countries. If a product is not being sold, the company can't make money. Then the message will get across to manufacturers. I just saw this on PBS about this man who manufactures attic fans - will only buy the parts that are American.
Also the newspaper did an article of this lady that boycotted "made in china''. Too her a while, but she found alternate products.


Yeah, if the dead could as they say roll in their grave Sam Walton would. He had that premise, yet when he died things changed.

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