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If Ford, GM arent bailed out what happens to their stock?

When Kmart went into bankruptcy the stock was worthless but the new stock took off in value.... so what happens to Ford and GM stock....

just do not plan on needing for a while and let it ride. My grandfather, and father both worked for Chrysler many many moons ago. When my grandfather passed in 1975, we all got stock, it was not worth the paper it was printed on. Then Lee Iacocca took over and turn the Chrysler Corp around. and it more then doubled. It actually quadrupled from grandpa's time. We waited until just the right time and cashed it in. So just hang on to it, and wait and see. You never know ten years from now what it may be worth something. I wouldn't dump it right now, even if it is not worth anything, just wait and see.


If they aren't bailed out and they go into bankruptcy, their stock MAY become worthless, depending on how they structure their bankruptcy. It depends on the details of the bankruptcy. Chrysler, as an example, went into bankruptcy years ago, and their stock stayed listed. It can happen either way.


thanks maggied...


mom...bailouts are not the way to go...this is government trying to put itself into the day-to-day business...this is bad medicine...things are not as bad as people think they are...we need a positive, not a negative approach to the problems we have...btw...the stock is, and always be, out there..


hi russ... yes we do... hunny is concerned that the F and GM stock will go like the kmart stock did....


It was selling at $1.49 at some shares yesterday after the news got out that they had been turned down.


thanks patpat


I think they should go to the oil companies and ask for help. Over the last decade, they did anything they could to keep prices rising. They pressured the big 3 to make these gas guzzlers so that we would keep a steady line at the pump. But when prices finally reached their tipping point, the bottom fell out. Their stock will tank, but they won't completely go away. My advice, buy it if it does because someone will step in and save them. You will see a technoloigical revolution like there's never been before.



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