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One Twisted Child

Is capitalism dead?


No not yet OTC,but if the present trend continues it soon will be I think.


Not quite yet but I thought you were, I mean, I thought you killed yourself off the QnA ; )

Slap Daddy:

Not yet, but its staggering quite a bit, I think of capitalism as Rocky Balboa it might seem you got it against the ropes for a spell but in the end its gunna put a whoppin on socialism.

For as long as there are those that strive to succeed and better themselves and their families lives there will ALWAYS be capitalism.
Reaching for success IS the American dream.
Those that have forgotten how to strive ahead and are willing to take the handout with relative acceptance will inevitably be trampled over. We will not stand still, we MUST move forward despite the opposition in our own country. Socialism is a hindrance to progress in that it does not promote competition in any way shape or form. Competition is the life blood of progress. We are the leader of the free world and many nations around the globe rely on our success. We will not let them or us down by laying down and accepting what someone else thinks we deserve for our efforts.


No. Its just extremely sick.


Hey OTC. How are you? Capitalism is not dead. The economy around it may be on life support. Hopefully it will survive.


Barley hanging on by the hair on my chinny chin chin.

Ed:'s been burried alive. Eventually, the government will have to start living within it's means. We can't keep stealing from future generations forever.


At the present it shows no signs of even slowing down.


Best Answer! Got my vote!


Yes. Government has its filthy hands all over every aspect of economy. Nothing you can buy or sell is without government involvement unless you go underground and this is illegal. So, yes it is dead and has been dead for quite some time. Now is the time where it is being exploited and taken into the depths of economic collapse, and most Americans attribute it to Capitalism itself!


Nothing I buy you say...geez, I didn't know that the government was involved with that gold bond jock itch cream that I bought at Wal Mart today....or the pack of condoms that I picked up from the drug store. How do they handle such a wide variety of control over everything?

And what is it, exactly, that you have to go underground for (other than weed)? Enlighten me.

MOST Americans attribute the economic crisis to Capitalism do they? I didn't know that you surveyed all of the United States. Do you have everyone's number in a Roladex, or is it in your Blackberry?


Once the government buys up the worst banks of all time and guarantees them that they will never lose their jobs no matter how poorly they run their banks all other banks will fail and all loans will be under government control, we'll call it capitolism long after it's gone, which will come soon.

It's the end of a golden era, and it's not the first.


Almost dead. :(


we're all gonna die

Sweet T:

You need a shrik !

Sweet T:

Nah....just pretending....If you look real close you can see the eye lids movin' !


praise jesus!

Gray wolf:

No, capitalism in America will never die. It just need a little assistance at the moment.




Oh no Twister, not at all didn't you see today in the news where the oil companies are processing lower grade oil freshly imported from over seas that those same companies will gladly go about reinflating the price of fuel to the consumers.

Slap Daddy:

it sounds good to me, when the price is up domestic companies begin to explore and produce more, its just the nature of the beast, sometimes its just not profitable do go through all that need to be done to bring a new well to production,

i often wonder if people realize what effect oil and gas really have on economies in this country. Entire towns and cities depend solely on the oilfields and would completely collapse without them, Its hard for me to imagine what would really happen if we ever entirely moved away from such energy sources.


Not yet, but it is trembling, like an Earthquake, waiting to shatter America,

The Oracle:

I sure hope so, because every other damn thing is.

Pegalomania The Artsqueen:

I wonder where we will get any money if we are attacked again. We are stretched so thin and who is buying our bonds? China and Saudi Arabia.


Nope. The weak are simply dying off, while the strong continue to survive. People who have been responsible with their money just sit back while many others complain and moan and ask for handouts.

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