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The economic backlash in China, how will this affect the USA? Sunday AM, sorry for the seriousness.​4.ecesomething not mentioned, the US exports a great deal of waste to China, one of the largest exports nowadays is paper, that's right, paper. The US used to export automobiles, now they export old newspapers. What are they going to do with it if China doesn't buy it?Another point, imagine the economies of Viet Nam, Thailand and Cambodia. Weaker economies equals more devastation?Could this become as bad as the millions dead from starvation after Mao's cultural revolution?It truly is a global economy after all, does it still sound like such a great idea?

We could recycle it ourselves! The global trade does put a hamper on our economics but it ensure that starvation and contamination of foods to certain parts of the world will be a minimum as this is the main reason why we, supposedly, started this globalization thing to begin with.


melamine in m&m's? bird flu? seems that easier trade has made it easier to spread contaminants around?
factories are closing everyday in China, a disaster for their people....

thanks for answering, guess it's all about puppy dogs on qna....


When this Christmas has passed, and then people will strart to notice fewer selections on their shelves. Also, prices will begin to rise. There will be much less competition soon.
The Chinese own more US debt, second to Japan. When their people begin to starve and civil unrest pose a serious problem China will spend vast amounts of American dollars. This is the formula for a currency losing value, for products to cost more.
It may take many years for China to recover, prices will get higher until then. This is a very bad thing for America.

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