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The Oracle

Is it true? That due to hard times, Santa is relocating his operations to China?......When I tried

to check out this rumor, I got a Fillipino operator in Pakistan.......

Why is Filipino spelled with an F, but Philippines is spelled with PH?

The Oracle:

How the Phluck would Iknow?


You're the Oracle! Make something UP!

The Oracle:

Come to Thailand with me and we'll just say Phuket to all this.........


shouldn't you know this answer if your tag name is "The Oracle"? an Oracle knows all things, down to the exact second of their death. and last i heard, Santa Clause, or Saint Nickolas, died around...200 to 500 years ago, and the tradition has been upheld by lying parents....darn those thing you know is that the Easter Bunny doesn't exist.....oh well...mmm....another three months till finding those eggs....mmmm.....

The Oracle:

I had the Easter Bunny for dinner.........

And yes, An Oracle knows all things, just wanted to see if you did.


NOOOOOO!!!!! EASTER BUNNY!!!! ARGH!!! HE WAS MY BESTEST FRIEND!!! WAAAAAAAAA does he taste like chicken? got any left? i'm kinda hungry....

The Oracle:

Kind of chewy, but when you throw in the eggs and marshmallows, tolerable,


The elves went out on strike and he had to find a place with lower costs for production.


Ya got an Ornamental operator, huh?

The Oracle:

Yeah, and he wanted to deck my halls with balls of Holly......or something like that.


That's because of the horrible terrorist attacks in India. They moved the operators to Pakistan and Isreal.

The Oracle:

Oh? it's safer there??


Heh heh heh, yeah, O!


No North Pole he is quite happy there lovie^^^^^^^^


It does seem that China is going to end up owning America. It is at one point going to be pay up or be taken over.


Yes, it's true, and what he can't get in China, he is importing from Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and everywhere else but the good ole U S of A.

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