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Do you still believe that markets should regulate themselves absolutely

Because Greenspan no longer does.

The idea of a completely self regulating market (Say's Law) does not work.

Keynes contended that aggregate demand for goods might be insufficient during economic downturns, leading to unnecessarily high unemployment and loss of output. In such cases. government policies should be used to increase demand an reduce high unemployment and deflation.

Greenspan had too much faith in Say's principles, and too little faith in Keynesian economics.


Wow Ginger, you completely mirrored my thoughts on the matter.
Thank you. Keynes was a great practioner of common sense, not purist ideology


Not in today's world... All is manipulated thru lies and rumors and an controlled press that is nothing more than an arm of the world governments which in turn are the arms of the multi-nationals.... The NWO is progressing very quickly now.....


Hey m,
You know what? You're dead right on that last sentence. They are really fast tracking it now. They've got the infrastructure set up for it & all that it needs is a cause for implementation which is unfolding presently.
It was stalled in the 90's. it could stall again. We'll just have to stay awake, as they say in the classics. You're never more awake than when a large set comes in on a big day. (surf talk)
Take care


Never surfed, but get your meaning.....

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