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Is anybody else enjoying the Financial Crisis? If not, why not?

It's kind of fun don't you think?
?mT 4 l??e:

Shouldn't you be pulling the wings off a fly or something? :o)


Hey Scott :)
C'mon, may as well enjoy want you can't control (well, at least now).
It's all quite fascinating watching a new paradigm in history unfold. We're seeing the birth pangs of a new Global power.


No, I don't think it's fun at all to potentially see millions of people scared, and possibly hungry with no roofs over their heads. No, that hasn't happened completely yet, but if this crisis continues, it could happen. The rich will no longer be rich and won't be able to help the poor anyway.

What do you think is FUN about all this?


The fun part is that we are seeing a new economic paradigm come to pass, naturally & the old one die of its own doings. The old paradigm of deregulation is dead. Long live the New paradigm.
The only way the Old paradigm can save itself is through fascism & exchanging cash for a global RFID implant, & the people will never accept this, even if it means they must accept that free market capitalism failed.


Might I also ask in response, why it is not fun for you?
The signs have been glaring for years. The centre left economic circles have been flashing danger signs for years that the current economic model was doomed. You must have known that laissez faire economics was going to destroy the US economy. The left was also saying for years that the War in Iraq was going to destroy the economy as well. The signs were there. You didn't prepare? Why is it now not fun to see these things actually materialize?

Whiter than God:

I'm thinking that you don't have many financial responsibilities.


You see, I knew this game was rigged was back when all this trickle down crap started spewing out of the mouths of politicians world wide. Something was up. The rich were getting richer (FAST) & the rest were looking at contract work.
Screw that. This is a sham I said. So I took all my money out of the markets that fed the capitalist machine. Let it die I said. And it is. Dying, that is, right now.
Good riddance. Those who sat on the backs of it thinking they were going to share in the wealth creation will by virtue go down with the greedy dog. No sympathy. It's reconstruction time again. Wipe it all away, all that speculative fake wealth.

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