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Will First Lady Michelle be able to get us free health care when Hillary could not?

Are Barrack and Michelle proposing to be a "two fer" like Bill and Hillary did?

As First Lady, Hillary had lofty ambitions about her ability to get meaningful legislation through congress. That's just not the way the system works. I think congress slapped her back and "taught her a lesson." I don't know that Michelle Obama has indicated she will be directly involved with any legislation - certainly of this magnitude. I don't think she'd be doing her cause any favors if she attempted to do that. There's just no precedent for it.

I've read on the internet that Hillary Clinton has been promised Majority Leader of the Senate if she and Bill deliver a fillibuster-proof Senate. What a disaster that would be for the American people. If the Dems get 60-63 seats in the Senate, as Wood on here said, the Republicans wouldn't even have to show up. Scarey.


Scary indeed w/ N. Pelosi right in there, god forbid anything happen to the 2 candidates, if elected, she Nancy Pelosi would be President, That is scary, Maggie,


OMGosh, Glenda, you spoiled my day!!!!! Nancy Pelosi as President, that might make me want to go to Canada or somewhere else!!!! The thought is just sickening to me.


Not necessary. Hillary will still get it done, I think.


There is no such thing as free health care or free anything else. It would be taxpayer paid insurance.


First Lady Michelle OR First Lady Cindy will NOT be able to get you free anything. One of them will be First Lady, i.e., wife to the President, not an elected official.

Blue Gypsy Rose:

Only if you are among the " minority", after socialism will be the new way of life....

Albert Page:

I'm going to give you a quick lesson in political and financial theory. So you don't sound so uneducated next time. Socialism is not what the Left pushes for. See - what the RIGHT confuses you into thinking is that *services* are socialism. Or *spreading the wealth and taking from the rich* is socialism. It is none of the above.

Socialism is the idea that a few industries would be owned by everyone equally. Such as Wind Farms for instance. And every month - the rich - and the poor - would recieve a percentage of their profits from the Wind Power Industry.
Employment at these places would be the same as anywhere else. Structure ladder, competitive pay, etc.
This does no replace Capitalism - this enhances it by eliminating poverty. Corporations - business owners, etc still the same as today. No difference. The world would be the same. EXCEPT - instead of taxes going to fight poverty - they could be spent on other things. Welfare, Medicaid, etc would no be needed.


Yeah, she's probably better at panhandling.
"...spare some change fo free healthcare? Help me, HELP ME PLZZZZ..!!"


The election is not over yet, so I refuse to call either Cindy or Michell First Lady, but with Michelle Obama if he is elected, No I don't think that is her agenda. As for a two fer, She is the boss, ask Obama, he will tell you & has from his mouth, that he consults her 1st. With Cindy it is possible as she is involved already with lots of organizations like that, but Mccain is definitely the boss in that relationship.& it seems to work for them as Bo's does for him.

John P:

she is anti=American, so why would she want to help any American. Wairt and see the people from other countries will ahve more benefits than Americans if obama is elected.

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