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One Twisted Child

Who cheats more on their taxes, the individual or the corporation?

Monetary wise?Percentage wise?

you know that I know tax...


I am just saying you are NOT the only one my friend.


In my humble opinion for what it is worth :
On the percentile - the individual, but only because there are more of them.
Monetary wise - the corporations, because they have more to cheat with.
But the biggest cheat of all is the typical Politian because they can get away with it.


@ classic...I know that i am NOT the only one...there are many far more knowledgeable than I on that subject...


Very good, admitting it is the first step. LOL
Take care brotha'


the first step to what? Classic...I am a Tax Accountant...that is my profession...but I know there are people who know more than I do...that is called common sense.


I told you a while back to "lighten up".
The first step to nothing man.
I have been in my industry for over 27 years.
I treat EVERYONE as if they know more than I do.
You know what? I learn more that way.


and so do I...guess what. C? that is the only way to learn.


That's what I just finished saying. LOL


My better half was an IRS Agent for almost 18 years.
She covered only the "corporate" aspect of it.
Although many corporations "cheat" on their taxes, the individual makes up for the larger percentage.
Twisted, what happened to your "disclaimer"?


I would have to guess individuals cheating on their taxes, overall, is probably a larger loss of revenue. Business, especially the larger ones, tend to be watched far closer and the crap they can end up dealing with is abit greater than an individual. Though, it would be far easier for them to cheat more monetarily out than the average person cheating the same percentile (obviously) and once a corporation is big enough the money trail gets to be quite more complex which could I suppose make it easier to hide.


I am too paranoid to cheat the tax man


Well..."cheating" is a BIG word...a reading of Section 26 of the United States Code (the IRC) will say that cheating is illegal...However, most corporations pay little, if any tax on that they are small business corps...this is far too complex a question to give a simple answer.

Jims best angle:

Based on our Treasury Secretaries example and what at least seems like the majority of Obama's Cabinet, I would have to say without a doubt the individual cheats the most.


I think there's an equal amount of fudging on taxes across the board...
Moneywise, I'd say that individual taxes get the most fudge dollars but percentage wise, I'd say that businesses are fudging a greater percent of their numbers in order to balance the US books : )

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