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Would you accept an RFID implant if it was the only way to save Capitalism

If you had a choice of saving Free Market Capitalism by replacing all currencies with a Global RFID implant or going back to the Keynesian Mixed Economic model, which would you choose?

Give me the chip, I will volunteer to be the first one to foil the


RFID? Hackers? uh uh.

I'm a Keynesian.


Puch, that's one of the nicest things ever said to me - ever - & I thank you.
Maybe I might be able to put it down but is only the collection of thoughts of so many good people out there who know 'something' is wrong but can't quite pin it.
I think you'll be fine as you're very much awake, & strong in your commitment to nothing less than truth. After all isn't that what art is about?
It'll be tough times ahead with much sacrifice. We all must recognize that glint in each others eyes. The future has always been a page to be written.


I'm not putting anything in my body that doesn't serve my good... I hope I will still have a voice to scream out against the dying of the Light in our world.... Hey, Ant...Hope all is well in Nipon.....


Hey m,
Good to hear from you. Started an email to you but currently very busy with Study.
Try to shoot one out soon.
Take care


On topic: I think you will always have a voice, even at the very least it be an internal one.


Thank you :) Good resource, particularly the one that helps you find old missing News. Can anybody still remember that it was Bush that pulled out of the NK non proliferation treaty by halting their fuel deiveries over winter, which was the very reason NK started up their reactors? Indeed news gets buried
Thank you


Your question, makes my key kneesians weak....thinking about saveing the Free Market Economy....I think the apparent downfall is unstoppable....massive attempts with radical menetary change....and other apparent "sollutions" are and will be proposed, in the guise in the attempt to control the populace further and seperating the wealth from the masses for the purpose not of money but of power....The ridiculousness of A One World Order (monetary or otherwise) no matter how good the intent, will be met with resistance and prove, even if adopted to be a furthering, and complicating of the already existing turmoil set in by the imbalance of power and other controlling and limiting factors in this 21st Century, No I do not believe the world affairs will change for the better, though an optomist, I believe the only thing left is complete dissolution and decentralization of, by and to all...and that will be a massive revolt none of us could bear, but will probably occur.


menetary = monetary....seperating = separating...


I believe the only thing left is complete dissolution and decentralization of, by and to all.
I would regard that as an optimistic outlook. I suspect the sheeple masses would not want to give up there comforts for abstract notions such as National autonomy & true freedoms. When you place ideology against bourgeois bliss, bb comes out on top generally, & particularly when they are the majority.
I for one do not feel we have the masses behind us. I do not share your optimism of a new start in the form of an uncomfortable, yet truer anarchy,especially when the media machine will be up on 11 in order to feed the masses the 'truth'. Greenspan has already admitted the old ideology was flawed. While this in itself may be true, it's just to soften up the old established reality to accept the new established 'reality'. It won't be long before they are crying out for a chip & chastising those as terrorists who do not accept one. Not to mention what an 'old notion' a Nation state is...


You are one of the best free wheeling thinkers I have come across buddy. You and Little Prince, Awritersnotes, and Dick and really quite a few others, but you sure know how to carry a thought line until it is tight, pulling something besides itself down the road, bless you.....Yeah, the ultimate controls may be attempted, hell, already are, religions and all, the truth will out itself, my man, and the beast of Society will kill its own creator. Might this be the real Oedipus Rex complex? Children of the Earth, be careful who you scre_? I think maybe so...? Peace


putting something in your body to allow government to monitor you is wrong. you might as well burn the constitution. by doing so you give up the last vestige of freedom you so desperately are trying to keep. to the government, nothing is sacred....maybe you should hold on to that one piece of sacred you have....YOUR FREEDOM TO CHOOSE.

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