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Should New Orleans stop building levees, flood protection & just be the New Venice of North America?


Here is a sea level map, zoom into New Orleans. keep your feet dry!


HI Low!!!! you know thats interesting.... I have always thought it would be something to go to Venice but I know I wont get the chance so yeah that might work for me


Hell.......o ♥mom♥

It has been to long between questions, I do miss your sharp mind and cutting things to the truth's in life.....

Best Regards
your long time QnA friend


hello Low.... I have missed you too :)))) sometimes your questions are just way over my head :))))



I cross linked my QnA question's to other social WWW site's. My brother's and sister will just start pulling a. "He is off on a tangent again". But then they start thinking about the question and the quadratic levels and implication. Makes for a fun X-Mas.

Now I have 3 universities and 4 collages in my town and have been told that some of my day to day comment's, question's and answer's rock the foundations of society. But when I talk, the room goes quite and notes are taken. Its a very small world.

I am finding that sometimes it is just better to drink my coffee,
and say thank you !

Best Regards

BUD 28:

How would Venice withstand Katrina?


With the speed and mass of the tidal/storm surge.

The Venice sea shore would be a "pancake"

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