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Why would Swine Flu cause the international price of oil to go down?

Just read an article about fear of the Swine Flu causing the price of oil to drop. Even after reading the article I have no idea how the 2 are connected. Why would a Flu bug drive the price of oil down?

What article?


Less demand, low prices. More demand high prices.


Travel restrictions by various governments might limit travel, especially by air. And that might lead to lower prices for oil, much of which is used for travel.


Because the oil mongers have been falsely inflating prices for a long time now. They know that sooner or later someone is going to come up with a alternative fuel source, so they hike up the prices knowing we will pay it. (Think about last year when they started climbing higher and higher around this time of year, and we all grumbled very loud, but keep paying it like fools we are. When it reached over $5.00 per gallon is some places, folks found other was of doing things and stopped buying it, and look what happened, the price per gallon fell, because the supply and demand fell drastically.) Same things is happening now. Folks are afraid to travel because of the Flu, so the Oil Mongers are again lower the price so they can still get their money.


MamaV are you flirting with me...???


lol and see you use to think we were so different in our thinking. I told you along time ago that we have more in common then you know, and I guess now you finally believe me. lol Hey guess who's going to be a Grandma, (Oma) again. ??? :)
Hope you and yours are safe and healthy. :)


Maybe because sick people are less likely to be out driving all over the place, like work, going to visit friends, etc...Hopefully, we all know enough to stay home and rest when we are sick.


I think there is a MEXICAN conspiracy to TKAE OVER THE WORLD...!! Since we haven't been intrested in pumping their economy full of US Dollars like we have our sworn enemies econmies, they have lauched this biological warefare on US to force US to buy their oil and consequently we have pointed our noses at THEM and lowered the price of ASS...!!!


Mexico NEEDS tourists!

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