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Passing the plate in church -- more like the economic approach of the Democrats or Republicans?

When folks in church give money to help those less fortunate, is that closer to the economic policies of one party or the other? If so, how?

Much closer to the Democrats plan. The Republican plan is similar except that it redistributes wealth upwards towards the top instead of downwards towards the middle.


I hear you


I think it is called sharing, assuming some put in more than others it is re-distribution.

"And the greatest of these is Charity."

Gray wolf:

I think it is the economic approach of both parties but the members in the Republicans count room want to give a little something to the church leaders and few chosen members of the church that divide what's left they slip a few dollars into some bras and sock to the less fortunate.
The folk in the Democrats count room want to give a little something to the church leaders and make a few chosen members give a little extra so that they will have more to give to the less fortunate after they slip a few dollars into some bras and socks.

Gray wolf:

Republicans "then after they slip a few dollars into some bras and socks give what's left to the less fortunate."
(sorry about typos)


The first time they pass the plate, it's both parties' approach. The second, third and fourth time they pass it (for missionary work...the pastor's relocation...the new organ the church needs...the heating bill that was higher than expected) that's the approach of the Democratic Party -- OHHHHH, provided they pass it to people who are wearing suits and nice shoes. ;-)


Republican, they ask for charitable donations rather than demand donations by right of entitlement.

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