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What would happen if Earth instantaneously stopped rotating on its' axis?


Well, at first, you wouldn’t actually notice. But after a while, you’d notice some very weird things happening. Here’s a few:

>Any hurricanes/typhoons would stop spinning round, and become like a normal storm, just really massive. This is because they only spin because of the Coriolis Effect, generated by the rotation of the Earth. Stop the rotation, and the Coriolis Effect stops.

>The side of the Earth facing the Sun would burn. The other side would freeze. The only habitable place would be the border between the two halves.

>The weather would go really weird. The prevailing winds and ocean currents only work because of the Coriolis Effect. Hot places could freeze, and frozen places could boil.

>The Sun would not move across the sky. Neither would the stars. They would all stay in the same place.

>Ultimately, it would probably bring down the whole of humanity. And pretty much all other life on Earth. Fortunately, I don’t think it’s likely to happen any time soon!

Big cat:

We would cry.


There would be no way to stop a hell of whole lot of interim.

If the Earth suddenly completely stopped rotating on it's axis but continued orbiting the side towards the sun will be charred in some time, while the other side will freeze. But due to the extremely chaos caused by the inability to stop inertia we'd all already be long gone anyway.





just doin his best W/ 2nd language.


I'm also fluent in pig latin, ebonics, and jive.


would we fall off?? :)


Much worse I afraid, mom.

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