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100 acres of land that's yours forever OR free air travel anywhere for the rest of your life?

You can never sell the land and it can never be taken away from you. If you choose the air travel, it's non-transferrable and covers only one passenger. Which would you choose and why?

100 acres of forest sounds pretty good to me. Then again there's no guarantee I'd be given pristine untouched natural forest. I'd probably get stuck with 100 acres of waste lands. I'd think twice about free air travel anywhere in the world for the rest of my life, because there is no guarantee it'll be first class luxury seats with gourmet in-flight food and wine with a private screen movie. More than likely, it'll be some tiny cessna with a first time pilot who has to land at a gas station every so often to ask for directions. I'm not much of a gambler. I'd go with the 100 acres of waste lands. I can always turn it into something better, whereas there's nothing I can do about the plane and the pilot.


As long as it's not The Waste Lands of Stephen King's world, or the plane in The Langoliers ;)


Land because I can grow vegetables and crops and build houses, etc and make money.


I can even sell or lease the land.. :)


Hi, Choc :) Very utilitarian and resourceful. I like it! Would you build a Mill to further Epicurean delights?


If I could choose the land...And was allowed to lease it or farm it myself, or harvest timber...I'd do that.

If the land was a mystery until awarded to me... I'd take the travel (especially if 1st class!). I'd use the travel to expand my photography hobby.


Hi, Ski NorthSouth:) I like your reasoning, and your reason for travel. You may farm or harvest 'til your heart's content, or travel 1st class for free for the rest of your life ... your choice :) What would be some of the destinations on your travel itinerary?


land for me too. they don't make any more land where i come from. i could always lease the land and buy a plane ticket.....


Hi, lowlevel :) What do you mean they don't make anymore land? We buy "land" in the air when we buy condos high-rises ... oh, let's not even get into all of that ... lol! Where's the first place you'd fly?


Air fair. Raw land is called an "alligator" because it just eats and doesn't produce anything. You still have to pay taxes on it. and if you don't you loose it. People are confused when they say they own land. I've been a land developer all my adult life. If you aren't ready to develope the land then you should not own it.


You mean like turning pristine forests into yet another shopping mall 15 miles down the road from a shopping mall? How about yet another theme park where people spend a fortune to stand in line for 1 hour just to enjoy a 30 second ride. That sounds like a good idea. Oh, wait, the rich guys won't let the poor onto their golf course, so let's go 30 miles down the road and make a new one!! We don't really need that pristine forest anyway. It's just in the way of human progress. Don't forget to buy your oxygen tanks today!! They'll only cost you a lung!!


Hi, Rick :) I tried to take that into account when I phrased my question by saying the land could never be taken away from you. I didn't go into detail, but the scenario you described is exactly what I had in mind. Let's say it's 100 acres of raw, productive land, and in our imaginary world, it can't be taken away from you under the circumstances that you described. Still feel the same way? Come on ... I've got a lovely home for sale on one a couple of my other questions ... lol ;) Oh, alright. So where do you see yourself flying most often with your unlimited frequent flier miles?


I would take the land. I have a farm with many animals and 86 pecan trees. And, with 100 more acres, I could do really well.
And, if my children and grandchildren decided to come live on it; it would be here for them. :)


From what I know of you, Stitchybutt, that sounds like the perfect choice for you :) You can have first pick of the lots!


Land, for family and future family


Hi, Deb -- a rock solid and sure-footed choice :) Thanks!


With my interest (that's mildly describing it ;) in horses, I think land would be more practical. Also I like the idea of being able to ride without the worry of trespassing on someone else's private property. I don't do much air travel, when I do I usually go with a friend so option two would net be as satisfactory :)


You know, I never noticed that you have an interest in horses until you mentioned it ... lol! It sounds like Door #1 is definitely the most logical choice for you! Can I come and visit sometime? You could probably really capitalize by building a little landing strip for all of those who choose Door #2 ... errr ... on second thought ... oh, I'll leave it up to you. After all, it's your land ;)

Queen Mabds:

air travel


A lofty choice! :) And where would be your first destination, Steve?


Land. No contest.


Hi, Joboleez! Not even a second thought? :) What would be your ideal plot of land?

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