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Roberto Martinez

What would happen? Watched a documentary on Antarctica where they said that the entire

continent is actually depressed 300 meters by the sheer weight of the ice cap covering it. If global warming were to melt even half of that ice would that trigger catastrophic worldwide effects on continental plate movement? Seeing that ice shelf break off the Antarctic coast the other day in the news got me wondering as well.
Roberto Martinez:

Y'know its a funny thing, when I ask a religious question I get all these self alleged scientists stepping over each other to answer, but when I ask a scientific question where are they all ???? It speaks volumes about the agenda of QnA 'scientists'


Our earth is ever changing. Even if it brings disaster, it's all natural. Its just that we won't exist but thats what I think would eventual natural phenomenon.
You are correct, if ice shelf melts it may trigger such plate movements which may cause eathquakes and tsunami worldwide. Good point!

Roberto Martinez:

It just seems that we research everything else in the world why not something like that, does it make people uncomfortable to talk about it or something? It's not like its impossible. Thanks tigee.


Our earth is not static. Things are awlays changing and we are always adjusting. Some things we can control some we can't so we adapt. No big news there.

Roberto Martinez:



And where did the Alps come from? How did India drift into the belly of Asia? And Hawai'i is drifting to the east... and earthquakes happen. We live on a big ole lump of living planet. Enjoy the ride and don't panic. Also consider that ice pack reading has only been going on since 1960 and thus, the data in cosmic time is microscopic at best. We are still learning.

Roberto Martinez:

I'm not panicking, all I want to know is if any scientists have attempted to consider or has any ideas on the matter, but everyone seems more interested in psychoanalyzing my motives for asking, geez I shoulda just asked what flavour popcorn is best.


You wont see anything exciting up or down there in your lifetime, Boo Gore.

Roberto Martinez:

I thought the country sized peice that broke off on the news was pretty exciting, even from the helicopter you couldn't see the other end of it, it just kept going beyond the horizon. No, I'm not advancing Al Gore agenda I think he's a hypocrite, amongst other things.


lets just hope it holds together.

Roberto Martinez:

I think it will, might be a bumpy ride but. Thanks


Don't buy any ocean front property in Florida...

Roberto Martinez:

I won't, but millions do, even without the ice factor there's some big problems with coastal properties that never seem to get mentioned especially by the agents.

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