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What will happen if earth stop rotating.


There will be no time change, seasons, and half the Earth will remain dark. Everyone would be migrating to the sunny side. There would be extreme pollution and over-population where ever the Earth would stop. What a mess!!!!


I might freeze my arse off eventually depending on where I live. or.. I might be like this gyroscope and displace inertia. Then again everything might possibly fly off because of lack of gravity.. so hold on to your hats. Oh my, must consult Newton on this one.


The worst case scenario would be that as the earth came to a complete stop, all the other solar planets, including the gaseous giants, would be distracted so bad that they themselves don't pay attention to where their going and fly off kilter which flings them off their orbits, causing what's known as the "billiard ball effect" to take place. This catastrophic result of a stationary earth will bounce the planets off one another until they all stand still and the sun quits it's job as the center of the solar system, leaving the remnants of the "billiard ball effect" to fend for themselves. SIKE!


One side would be too hot to live on. The other side too cold. It would be EXTREMELY windy, especially in the border zone.


hold on to something


I think we'd all fly off into outer space!


was that you I just saw fly bye? lol


You ever see Thirty Days of Night.


I believe I may be swimming in the ocean!


If that happen, you will have no more worries grasshopper....

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