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what are some great sites for on rocks and minerals?

please no wikipedia

Depending on what it is your looking for, where you live in this world of ours and how much time effort and money your willing to spend to get there and even dig. Many (like myself) have got a bit older to even think about lifting a pick axe.. let alone a bucket of rocks.. But I have selected the latter.. The bucket is an easy way (and affordable) option to digging for minerals and gems..Often one can buy a small bucket and automatically receive a free cut gem.. or have one included (hidden in the bucket). First thing would be to locate "gem Mines" in your area. Typically these mine are nothing more then "sluice" or "shoots" which have running water flowing through them to wash away the mud and dirt you collect, thou ending up with a verity of minerals found (locally or world wide) So check into Gem Mines within your area or near the mountains in the west CA, AZ, NM, and the eastern mountain range of NC, TN, GA, WV, and VA


These are some good links.

QB Kate:

The moon would be nice. Travel miles are a killer.


Diamond Hill Park, Cumberland RI, Roseate Quartz, Black and White Smokey quartz, Cumberlandite and Bowenite.


i meant websites

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