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If the Moon exploded tonight, what would happen to us?


- the earth would spin faster since the moon controls that. it would wobble uncontrollably creating weather havoc.
-no man on the moon....if there ever was.
- no tides
- asteroids would strike the earth since the moon is our magnet for these.
- myths about the moon, folklore and legend would not exist.

Nat*lee 24/7:

One major effect would be massive debris dumped into our atmostphere. Another would be the stopping to the ocean tides. Another would be the altering of the earth orbit around the sun. Another would be the darkened sunlight even reaching our planet. Another would be a horrendous freeze,, possibly to the equator. Another would be the multible fragments of new "moon: pieces afound our planet. Another would be a probable shift in the 23.5% tilt of the earth on its axis. Depending upon the increase or decrease that could deepen or reduce climate variations everywhere - Summers to Winters.... Another would be a new earth "wobble" and atotal shifting of our celestial view and orientation. The North Star would not designate north any more. The sideral cycle would be totally disrupted and there would no longer be the cyclical 2200 years of "ages." Those believing in Astrology, if anybody survived, could kiss that stuff off. Probably all our satelites around the earth would be destroyed by debris.

There might be a few other things like starvation and massive extinctions around the globe....

Slap Daddy:

well after the quite noticeable shock wave and massive meteor assault after the sky completely darkens for quite sometime due to the massive impacts of whatever chunks of the moon slam into us. Whatever is left of the population will likely drown long before they freeze and starve to death. Nice thoughts.


horse-drawn carriages will lose evening revenue.


Cheese and wine for everyone!


I'm not sure. You could explore it online and see how far the moon is away from Earth. And I'm sure it would matter what caused the explosion and the force of it, to see if it would harm earth at all.


It would probably have an effect on the earth's orbit around the sun. And the effect would not be pleasant!


The man would fall off, and the cow would have to find something else to jump over.


CHEESE for everyone!!!! :)


WELL, it'd be about time, then! Cheese on the house for everyone! Ceecee's serving! NICE hat, by the way!


Our gravitational pull will be thrown off and we would probably be thrown violently out in space... the seas will lose their pattern in currents.. all will go to hell!


The air would be very polluted. There would be rapid climate change.


I THOUGHT MINE DID,,,,,,,,last night in MY bathroom! Ever have a "Blow out" that looks and feels like a "Torn Pocket"? OUCH! CLEAN UP ON AISLE 5!!!




That depends on the magnitude of the explosion. Some of the debris would eventually fall to Earth, some of it would be thrown out of orbit, and some of it would stay in orbit around the Earth. The Earth would eventually stabilize its orbit around the sun since it no longer would be influenced by the Moon’s mass. Some of us would survive, but many of us would go extinct in a matter of years because our lives are so tightly integrated with the cycles of the Moon.


Are you positive about the Earth's orbit becoming stabilised?

The effects of gravity within the Solar System is complex, & I had the vague idea from somewhere that the presence of the Moon prevented the Earth's orbit becoming further away from the Sun over time... as I say, I'm far from 100% on that one though...

The Moon is also responsible for ensuring the stability of the axial tilt of the Earth however, so without the Moon, the Earth's "wobble" is calculated to be so extreme as to actually flip the planet over entirely!


I have to agree with Adam on this one.


Yes, Adam, I am positive. The Earth-Moon system rotates around a common center of mass and it is this common center of mass that describes the ellipse the Earth-Moon system travels when it orbits the Sun. The common center of mass is ~3,000 miles away from Earth center, so when viewed from above or below the ecliptic, the Earth’s center describes circles around the common center of mass. When the Sun, Moon, and Earth line up in the order listed, the Earth’s center is ~3,000 miles further from the Sun. When the Sun, Moon, and Earth are at right angles, the Earth’s center is traveling on the same ellipse as the common center of mass. When the Sun, Earth and Moon are lined up, the Earth’s center is ~3,000 miles closer to the Sun. If the Moon were not there, the Earth’s center would describe the ellipse as it orbits the Sun.


That is right; the Moon’s mass is responsible for stabilizing the Earth’s axial tilt.


tides would stop....


We'd be covered in moon dust!

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