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Same thing that happens in 2012 when the earth stops wobbling and the northern Hemisphere is locked in darkness while the southern hemisphere is always daytime. Except it will not be for a second, it will be forever.


and where did you get that from? The Mayan calander just stops in 2012, with no mention of what is going to happen. Read the book "The Mayan Prophecy" by Adrian Gilbert and C. Cottrell


Thanks for the heads-up, CA... Wow! I am going to have stock up on flashlights and batteries... better get the copper-tops if it is going to be forever ;-)


you'll need to light that "j" up again, and let me have a hit.


as a true child of ganja...i'd like it passed my way as well


A lot of non-believers will become believers.


it'll all be over in that second...


I have no idea.................


If you are standing on either the North or South Poles, you will hardly notice, but if you are on the Equator......buckle up!




Hit the break at 150mph and find out.


I guess then "It's the end of the world as we know it!"

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