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How many people know what a non profit company is? We are changing to one and the employees don't

understand whats happening.

Rick- it is your responsibility as an employer to explain what a Section 501(c) Entity means to them and to their jobs.
Get busy.


I tried Russ. Our attorney will be here monday. Our office manager, with an MBA from Dartmouth tried to explain it. They just don't understand. Do people not take business courses when they go to college? 2 people came up to me and said that they would not work for free!!


Really- I believe that. People think "Not for profit" means no wages and salaries. They only know "Volunteers". I know better, and so do you. Make sure they get that.


you my man are a smarty.


I have a 501 Client. Do their Form 990 every year.


When it comes to bean counting, Russ always has his fecal matter together. ;-)


sounds like a company meeting time... maybe your book keeper can help them understand..


The office manager spent about 3 hours trying to explain it to them. Our attorney will be here monday.


ROFL!!!!!!!!!!! Best one yet!!!!

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