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With so many to choose from, what would be your favourite Samuel L. Jackson role in a movie?

Still Changing:



The Long Kiss Goodnight... I think...
hmm, he has so many great roles...


You beat me to it, Willow. Samuel Jackson was asked this very same question on a talk show last year and he said that his favorite Samuel L. Jackson movies was "Long Kiss Goodnight" Do chef's still do that? lol


"Chefs do that!" lol...hmm, never saw a chef stick a knife in a wall, magicman, have you??

My favorite part is when he is singing everything that he does! I think that this movie included Gina Davis' best role too...



If I did, you can bet, I wouldn't criticize!!! lol And yes, it did costar Gina Davis. I loved the toast, "May the worst of your tomorrows be like the best of your yesterdays." I rented this movie for my kids and grandkids one summer, a couple of years after I had already seen it 3 or 4 times. We watched it about 5 times in one weekend!


Eve's Bayou


pulp fiction


A Time to Kill.
He was fierce.


Jewels, of course. "Do you mind if I have a drink of your tasty beverage?"


Not the biggest hit in his file but a great job by Jackson.
Jackson also co-starred opposite Bruce Willis in writer/director M. Night Shyamalan's suspense drama, "Unbreakable" for Disney. Jackson's character, 'Elijah Price,' a highly suspicious and wheelchair bound man with a far-fetched theory, holds the key to the film's underlying question of, "Are You Unbreakable?"

I took this from his web page.



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