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True or false: The 205 Million Dollar Mexico drug bust of meth will not affect availability.

Where there is a demand, there will always be a supply. Drug busts do not stop the flow of drugs. Even though our Drug War is a complete total failure why do Drug Lords and Law Enforcement advocate keeping drugs illegal?

Tthere would be no major drug market if the DEA would lace all the confiscated drugs with poison or something of that sort......and redistribute it, and advertise the fact...This is the way to end the drug trade problem........It would save billions and save lives in the long run. Dobber140.


I agree with you 100% it might slow it down a little but that's about it..:)


True and I don't think it would slow it down much.


No one will notice any drop in supply. The government must maintain its posture as an aid in maintaining its ability to use military force against the people.


You are so right, never quite looked at it that way. The police also aid the military in using force against the people. Thanks for the reply.

Friday's child:

If it weren't illegal, the DEA would be out of a job that allows them to get their 'rocks off' from time to time when they make a bust and the front page of the paper! Na, won't slow down the availability of meth, although it is a nasty drug that destroys lives and families every day. (I know...two childhood friends in the grave now)!


Yes, we all have friends, etc., that are in the grave now because of this failed drug policy. The government should be doing something constructive against drug use, when in fact, it is actually aiding and abetting the Drug Lords. Too bad this severe crisis of a problem continually goes over the head of all politicians.

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