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J Man

If you take medication do you know ALL the side effects to the medication?


People differ in side effects from medication, but in most cases all the possible side effects are clearly written on the bottle.

If it is prescribed medicine, the doctor who prescribed it already knows its alright.

If you are concerned about a certain medication, contact your doctor about the safety of the medication to you.

J Man:

I have found from past experience with medication and doctors, some doctors are unaware of the rare side effects to medication if taken for a very long time. I am talking about side effects like anemia. A doctor told me that such medications like Phenobarbital does not cause anemia, I looked it up in a PDR Book and it is listed.


In that case, if you feel your doctor is unaware of certain things, ask for a second opinion on medication.

While it does happen where a doctor may not know of rare side effects, even that is rare. But it's still alright to ask another doctor ... just to be sure! :)

Also, double check the PDR book you used. I checked some internet resources now for Phenobarbital and anemia is not listed as a side effect.

(Is Phenobarbital what you are taking or going to take?)

J Man:

Phenobarbital was one of the medication I was taken and my hematologist had informed me it was the cause of the anemia. Anemia may not be listed on the internet but it is in my PDR Book.


Just double check with the doctor. If phenobarbital had a side effect like anemia, the doctor would mention that.

Nothing good comes for the doctor if he doesn't tell you something.

Bring the PDR book, too, when you visit the doctor again.


i agree with overrandom

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