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Can i really make my bf choose between me or his best friend plus weed?...

I've been with my boyfriend for 4 years, and he has known his best friend for 6. When i first got with him i knew he smoked, but i didn't think he did it all the time. When I noticed that it was having a negative effect on our relationship i asked him to stop. His best friend started selling weed and so whenever he goes over there he's under temptation and I'm sure pressure to do it. He still smokes even after he has told me he wouldn't. He lies to me about it, and then will tell me the truth only when I squeeze it out of him. I actually do like his friend as a person, but the weed is what really gets to me. I don't know how to deal with this. I think that breaking up would kill us both, and losing a best friend would do the same. I just don't see any way to work things out...any help?

If you had to force him then he is Not worth having. Move On to the next guy


You're worth more then that and you owe your self better choices Rainbow eyes!

Move on and find a better life for you!:)

God's Best! xo






drop him.


I agree with Xtremelywild1.

You deserve better. And you when you believe that, you will find better. Seems that there may be more than just the friend, the pot, the lying, but aren't those enough??


RainbowEyes, you already have the answer within your heart, do what it say. good luck, hun


Yes, you could very well force the issue, but you may well be heartbroken with the choice he makes. It would seem you already have your doubts, just by the way this question is presented.


Get out while you can..There are a lot of nice people in the world who would love you for who you are:)

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