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Does Hillary really think she has a chance Or is it just her money talkin Illegal gains? crooked ?

Do they serve us> Or self serve? Where did all these millions come from? Stinks?

hillary is working for special interests,not american people.she is against any changes or reform,like health care, social security ,tax.
obama or mike are more honest candidates

Shy boy:

Where have you been this last year, under a rock, listen
to the speech's and debates, check facts.


i do not listen to her speeches ,or what she has to say when she needs our votes.i look at what she has done for the pass15 years.she is against any changes that is good for this country .


If you go AWOL from the air guard and become prez. Anyone has a shot.


Big Dog. Don,t believe all ya read in the papers friend, Just look at the terrible twosome, (hillary and Bill) Two hicks from Ark. now stupidly rich as we watched. Jeez. They totally terrify me. Socialists to the bone, Thanks big guy, ThomKat.


His service record is a matter of public record.


they are two smart hicks, and your right, they didn't have a pot to pi** in when bill was elected. i read today, hillary is replacing her campaign manager with a Latino. she is just like slick willy, anyone she thinks gets in her way is out. NO MORE CLINTON'S.


Let's not talk about someone running to England to avoiding serving.
And Hillary has it in the bag. The rest is just show. She is busy behind the scenes locking down the Super Delegates any way she can. Money, leverage and whatever it takes -- she'll get the nod at the convention.


At least bill and hillary worked for their money. Bush just sit on his butt and let his daddy pay his way through life!!!

Shy boy:

Well lets see, if she was black, that would probably make her money legal. Obama money comes from where??????????????


Hi , Shiirley. You have a good point, Thanks,Ms. ThomKat.


Obamas money has been coming from the people. You can check it out on
They have links to each candidate and where they get their money

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