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What is the difference between alcohol & controlled substances?

Need some clarification

In terms of abuse there is no difference, besides the fact that controlled substances may harder to come by. People have ruined their lives from alcohol, just as easily as one can with controlled substances. Many addicts use both, which leads to a quicker road to destruction. ....;-)


Thanks for your response


when prohibition was enacted the government learned that people have to have an escape. alcohol was socially acceptable, therefore alcohol was allowed
a chance existed then to regulate other drugs in a honest and intelligent manner. when have our elected officials acted in a intelligent manner?(we can completely forgetabout honesty)
how many fewer individuals would be spending their lives in prison had these people seized the opportunity to regulate all the other drugs?
alcohol is a drug. it is a mind altering drug. it has devastating side effects. but, when used in moderation, its the grease that makes many a party go smoothly.

so, that is the difference. it is socially acceptable


Alcohol is not a controlled substance by the definition of the "Controlled Substance Act of 1970." Quote from Wiki: The Controlled Substances Act (CSA) was enacted into law by the Congress of the United States as Title II of the Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of 1970.[1] The CSA is the legal basis by which the manufacture, importation, possession, and distribution of certain drugs are regulated by the federal government of the United States.

The process of adding, deleting or changing a substance on this controlled list is the responsibility of the Drug Enforcement Agency.


alcohol you may control yourself controlled substances are controlled for you


i really enjoy your sense of humor, off the wall...




bla bla


umm K


Well with alcohol use, too much ingestion and you can lose your sh#t and end up in a box like diamond. With weed the chance you take is just getting baked; you're surely going to see the next day.

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