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What are your thoughts on training heroin addicts to administer Narcan shots to others who overdose?

In MA, a program has started to train addicts to give Narcan shots to others.The drug will also be supplied them along with syringes. Does this mean we have lost the 'War on Drugs'?

Ron you know better than this, we lost the 'war on drugs' about 25 years ago.


I'n not saying a thing for another day or so. I may even have an opinion. :)


What is troubling here is that on the one hand, we seem to be giving up; yet...heroin OD Deaths outnumber gunshot deaths in MA by better than 2-1. I don't see anyone marching against heroin!


To me it would seem to promote drug use. Now the individuals that use Heroin, have free syringes for Heroin and/or a back up to avoid an overdose. This means that they can try more heroin without worrying about overdosing on the drug!


But, you are not saying you want people to die are you:?

Narcon helps stop death, that is good. Herion is bad.
More jobs, less drugs.

I thought there was a truce called, for the war on terror.
How many wars are there?? Poverty, Racisim, Drugs, Illigal immi's. and I think workers rights is in there, and terror, and aren't we still at war with Korea????

I may have to pack a bag, and practice my French.


It's not a perfect idea, but it is estimated that it may well save 200-300 lives per year in MA alone.


I don't think they'd be too dependable.

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