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Cutey with a booty

Mexican drug lord made Forbes's list of self-made billionaires. Thoughts?​htmlFinally, the achievement of the criminal world is "recognized"... Is Forbes magazine right or wrong to include a drug lord in their list?
The Oracle:

Actually, in a strange twisted way, maybe people will get p.o. enough to do something........then on the other hand, it might be enticing to them.......


It aint going to do anything, Oracle. This is not the first rich drug lord and will not be the last.

The Oracle:

Absolutely, positively, repulsive. The sentence "Bullet through the head" comes to mind. Amazing, decency is sinking just about as fast as Mexico City is. As to Forbes, well, I think they're a crock of sh*t anyway, and they just added more to fill it with.

*(Thanks for brining this to our attention.)


Again glorifying crime, I just don't get why they didn't leave him off, what the heck,


El Chapo.....well, it's true isn't it? It is disturbing that this is reality, but IT IS. Perhaps by bringing this out in the open, more people will become aware of the goings on within the land that America enriches with its massive scale drug habit.

No skinny:

They are wrong and whoever allowed it to be written, along with the writer should be dismissed and then quit buying the magazine, Cut their money off!!!!


Hey if a pot smoker can get elected president of the US...?


It doesn't surprised me ,, since most of that money had came Americans...


had came FROM ,,,,,,

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