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The Oracle

49 minutes ago, from Associated Press, "U.S. manufacturers, including major drug makers, have

LEGALLY (my emphasis) released at least 271 MILLION pounds of pharmaceuticals into waterways that often provide drinking water- contamination the Federal government has consistently overlooked........." etc, Well somebody slap me in the head with a catfish, because I think this is borderline insanity, Russian Roulette, idiocy. TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY ONE MILLION POUNDS?.....What, I need never go to the drugstore again, just turn on the tap. The hey word here is LEGALLY. Have our lawmakers (assuming they had any to begin with) lost all common sense?
Smokin' Joe:

Can you give us a link to that?

The Oracle:

I can't link with this PC (Piece of Crap) but just go to -it's the first featured story on their home page or go to Associated Press...I quoted directly word for word.
and that should read "key" word not hey word, sorry*

The Oracle:

Good point about the water our low, I mean, lawmakers are drinking.......hahahahahahahaha


I think that this could make for an interesting defense at trial. "Your Honor, my client did not knowingly use (insert drug here), it was in his drinking water. As for his actions afterward, he was under the influence of what was in his water."


I've been saying "it's in the water" for years.

Thessalonius II:

That amount also inclueds what their consumers dump down the drain or toss out into the trash. The news blew that one up by a fair bit. Pharma comanies have to abide by the same industrial waste disposal laws as everyone else. They could help to reduce their impact by offering better disposal methods.


That is what incinerators equipped with washers are for.

The Oracle:

NOT, this was strictly industrial waste.

Thessalonius II:

That's where I got it too Dick.:)


Can you give a link and or location? If its Texas, let them leave the states.

The Oracle:

Hahahahahaa see my answer to Smokin' Joe in comments.


That is JUST about PAR...for our government!! Yet I get turned DOWN for a job application because I my sample was dirty!! How is that for Democracy? Combine their chemicals, with my prescribed chemicals and a few over the counter medications& BAM....We will ALL be good to go for a VERY LONG TIME! (depending on whether we are coming or going or......what was it I was talking about!?!
Just couldn't imagine WHAT is making our society go on a shooting rampage, road rage binge and in the end commit suicide!?!
As far as our lawmakers having common sense...remember....they are drinking the water too!!

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