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is it safe to give my dog melatonin for an airplane ride


Melatonin is safe for dogs. I don't know if this will help your dog in this situation. Penn U., I think, did a study on using melatonin for storm/thunder/firework phobia dogs. For some dogs it is effective. Rescue Remedy is a very safe option. You can't over dose your dog on it and it is not habit forming. Still, I would ask your vet or email/call the makers of Rescue Remedy for correct dosage. Talk to your vet. He might advise a very low dose tranquilizer if you know this trip is going to be a nightmare for your dog.


i would use rescue remedy, that is safe for people, including babies, and is homeopathic.


No way. That is a human product, not canine. See your vet for a calming remedy.

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