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Aquarius the Brett

Do you know many people that should never actively seek a job?

The other side of job markets where they only become a society filler without appreciation or interest?
2 Cents:

There are a lot of people who are at their jobs the expected length of time, but seldom do any work at all, except shuffle papers, and sometimes walk around with a folder in their hands. And they get paid mostly for being there, I guess. I'm glad I was never the boss.. about half of my employees would have been fired post haste.


Most people I know need they are indeed active in their search for a good job. There have been some friends or acquaintances of mine who went through periods of not wanting to work (don't we all?) and not really looking hard...but it didn't last long, as our society basically says; "If you don't work and make money then you are a loser"

More's the pity.

Aquarius the Brett:

I think some family people don't need the grind!


"Society Filler"? What is that? People you don't seem important, I'll bet they find themselves important enough to need a living...

Aquarius the Brett:

People that would take part in business more out of socialism, if the foods already on the table where are they going?

Robert King:

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