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what is a good reason for keeping a suffering Pet Alive? One legitimate one?


The suffering could be offset and justified by the joy it gets out of being alive, spending time with it's family, or as in most cases, there is really no good reason but the family is too selfish(unintentionally) to understand that.


When my dog was severely hurt, the vet gave him some pain pills and said we shouldn't put him down...he'd heal and he was happy.


None.... let the pet go in a dignified manner. We may love and miss them but we are being greedy to make them stay around in pain.


unless you're going to take them in for an operation to make them feel better there isn't one.


There is no good reason to let any animal suffer ANY ANIMAL mamal or not.




I don't have any reasons


who are you to say that the suffeing pet wants to die! imagine if you twisted your ancle, fell and broke your jaw. a doctor came over and said "you look like youre in pain. do you want to be put down?"
although you try to say "no! ill get over it!" it sounds like ";sng;na;gjnas;jna;jnsag"

just cause a horse is in pain doesnt mean it prefers to be in a tomb!

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