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Welcome to Wal-Mart Bank. Are you interested in a discount savings account?

Low interest and saves us money.
Buck brown:

Yes Wal-mart is the greatest thing for America's economy ever.


What about all the family-owned businesses they put out of business?


Hey xbox.. your wrong again!!


Why would you even advertise for them?
So that all our money can be saved in a Chinese bank. They already have most of our money so why not give it all to them.. Sign over your house too.
Sure why not. We go to Walmart to save a dollar and buy stuff made in China tainted with poisons etc. If we just give it all to them they wont have to poison us for it. :-(
No more Walmart for me. Not even to save a dollar.


i agree with owl.not with walmart.


What's the interest rate?


who cares? lol your not serious I hope... :-)


No way

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