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If we succeed in getting rebate checks, why would it benefit people making $300,00.00 and

not retirees or the poor? I really do not understand? The poor could certainly use the money and the really is just peanuts to them!

Good point. That is the way the law is. All benefit, regardless to need. Similar to social security. The poor guys, like us, will spend the check, and that is what they are betting on.


It just is not fair but then I know life is not fair! Thanks Russ!


Indeed it is NOT fair.


I think you were misinformed,
Most single taxpayers would get $600 and most two-wage households would get at least $1,200. The deal includes an additional amount of $300 per child. A total of 116 million taxpayers will receive checks of some size.
Higher-income taxpayers or individuals earning $75,000 or more or couples earning $150,000 or more. They would get reduced rebate checks, or none at all, depending on their income.
Read the entire article at​m?postversion=2008012421


It not to benefit the people but the economy by the the recipients spending the money.


But I know a few who could really use it! Food! Heating bills! Thank you!


Compare the amount of taxes poorer people paid to the amount paid by more affluent people.




living on SS, any return is looked forward to


I so agree! Thank you!


Explain how you can get a rebate on something you never paid to begin with?


The very rich and the very poor both pay taxes! I am not talking about public assistance!


You said:
"why would it benefit people making $300,00.00 and not retirees or the poor?"
It would benefit those paying taxes....if you paid taxes, you would get some of that back as a rebate.
If you don't pay taxes, then you don't get the rebate.
It's not clear what your question is....the rebate goes to those that pay the else can you do a tax rebate?

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