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Why do you think my dog circles around and around on my (HIS)day bed before laying down?

Literally Speaking ™:

Same reason humans plump the pillow before laying down, to fluff it up for comfort.

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Thats funny.


The circling behavior is a direct connection to their wolf ancestry. Readying their and surveying the terrain for safety.

Find a video called "A Wolf in Your Living Room." Very entertaining.

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I do have a cat.My dog hunts bears.#1..


it is an instinctive behavior associated with making the grass lay down to make it's bed

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He is a hunter.


I agree with Glennie as part of the answer. The other part is so they don't lay down on snakes, centipedes and other small critters that can hurt or kill them.

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most dogs have their own territory, maybe he was just checking his out to make sure it was still his & that some other dog had not violated his territory, sounds weird, but i have seen alot of dogs do this, even if there hasn't been another dog around.


I find that the dogs that own this house tend to do it more if their beds have been washed or a cat was seen sleeping on their beds. Oh the horrors!


In the wild, dogs, wolves, foxes, circle to break a bed in tall grasses.

Texas Girl:

he is "nesting", getting his spot just right before retiring

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